Energy Audits

Energy Audits
Energy is an extremely important resource and Steam is an expensive utility that finds application in a wide range of processes. The prudent, careful, and energy-efficient use of steam can be as vital as to affect the very viability of any process activity. We are a company involved in the fields of Steam Engineering and Control Instrumentation for the past 70 years.

Our proven expertise in these fields has enabled us to understand steam utilizing activities perfectly, and pioneer techniques and equipment for auditing energy consumption. That apart, we have technology tie-ups with globally known names in multi-dimensional fields helping us put together systems that conform to internationally accepted standards of operation. We innovate, design, produce and implement solutions and systems to achieve amazingly large cuts in process costs, apart from drastically increasing product quality and quantity.

What we offer you:

The audit of energy consumption is a specialized process. It takes thorough knowledge and expertise in multiple fields to estimate design, commission and performance monitor projects for energy conservation. And our energy saving efforts do not end there. We have an expert team of Mechanical, Chemical and Instrumentation Engineers who not only conduct the audit survey but also train end users in key energy oriented functional areas such that energy is utilized most efficiently. Efforts are targeted to reflect savings of fuel and electricity in the actual energy bill. The systems we provide live up to standards of operation accepted worldwide and our training programmes are intended to help our clients to improve the quality of operations such that wastages are almost totally eliminated.

Targets & Benefits of the Energy Audit:

  • Accurate monitoring of the utilities in the plant.
  • Reduction in the amount of Energy required for the generation and use of the utility.
  • Trapping of any unused energy
  • Recycling and use of energy over again.

Working on the above principles we enable energy intensive industries in efficient utility consumption and management, helping you to drastically cut your fuel bills, make your operations more competitive and increase productivity and overall profitability.

Our energy management activities focus on the following areas:

  • Steam generation, distribution and use,
  • Condensate management,
  • Compressed air generation, distribution and use,
  • Instrumentation,monitoring and control of energy intensive equipment,
  • Steam trap performance evaluation,
  • Other related areas.

The clear objective of the above mentioned activities is to achieve a combination of the following benefits:

  • Better and more accurate monitoring of the consumption of utilities,
  • Reduced specific energy consumption
  • Elimination of wastage
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Reduction in downtime of equipment
  • Increase in process output
  • Improvement in product quality and
  • Massive savings in costs and increase in revenue.

Needless to add, this will give you strategic business advantages in living upto global industrial standards.

Action on Savings:

Our Audit Report includes recommendations on short, medium and long-term measures for energy conservation alongwith financial estimates and analysis for their implementation. These recommendations come to you with databases and fact-sheets generated by measurements and tests conducted in your plant as well as in the field. This is followed up by assistance in implementation and performance monitoring of our energy conservation proposals – achieved by expert services of our in-house engineers and the training of the user’s operators.