Engineering (Basic and Detailed)

Forbes Marshall Consultancy

Forbes Marshall provides solutions in Energy, Efficiency and Process Automation, with Six decades of utility performance and steam generation solutions. Our seven business divisions encompass the entire spectrum of energy generation, energy efficiency, process automation and energy conservation. We also offer utility consultancy services to form a properly designed system thus helping you optimize operational costs.

At Forbes Marshall Consultancy, we do detail engineering of all plant utility needs.

Our scope includes:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Assessment of plant utility needs
  • Selection of utility generators
  • Detailed P&I diagrams for each utility
  • Equipment layout drawings with equipment specifications.
  • Piping flexibility analysis where required
  • Pipe routing and layouts
  • Isometric drawings for all utilities like steam, condensate, process water, chilled water, cooling water, chilling brine, compressed air, fuel oil and natural gas
  • Detailed Bill of Materials and specification data sheets.
  • Insulation specifications
  • Manufacturing drawings for fabricated equipment such as tanks for feedwater and fuel oil and chimneys
  • Piping tenders
  • Vendor evaluation and certification
  • Inspection Tests and Trials


  • Process equipment receives utilities in the right quantity and of right quality.
  • Pressure drop and utility starvation is avoided.
  • Energy conservation to save on input costs of utilities.
  • Proper equipment layout facilitating maintenance-friendly operation and reduced downtime.
  • Piping layouts ensuring optimum specific utility consumption norms for process.
  • Reduced project and running cost.

Focus Areas-

Utility Generation:

Steam is required at various pressures and quantities depending on the process needs at each moment - the load on the boiler is never constant. During heating cycle, machines require instantaneous supply of large amounts of steam in order to achieve correct process temperatures in the stipulated time. Hence selection of boiler capacity & generation pressure becomes very critical to ensure good efficiency and lower fuel bills. This is also true for other utilities like soft water, cooling water and compressed air.

Utility Distribution:

Equipment requires utilities at correct flow rates, velocities and pressures to give desired process output.The heating & cooling cycles of the process need to be examined. Constantly varying steam-demand requires careful pipe sizing to accommodate peak loads & ensure minimum pressure drops in distribution. Therefore sizing of utility piping network is crucial for smooth and energy efficient plant operation.


Once the distribution system is properly designed, it is important to select the right pipe fittings and accessories to ensure maintenance friendly operation with reduced downtime. In addition one should make sure that operating costs are reduced by devising heat recovery systems.

Major Offerings

  • Design of utilities for process industries with guaranteed specific fuel consumption norms comparable with the best in the industry.
  • Design of utilities & process control automation for industries like pharma & distilleries.
  • Feasibility Reports & optimum design of captive power plants.
  • Specific packaged proposals;
  • Boiler House.
  • Condensate & Flash Recovery Systems.
  • Hot water systems.
  • Engineering of waste heat recovery systems.