Globe Valves/Stop Valves(Hand Operated/Motor Operated)

Globe Valves/Stop Valves - High Pressure Globe / Stop Valve
FM Globe Valves are used in applications requiring throttling and frequent operations. FM Parabolic, Vee-type regulating, Swivel and guided plug and stem, Soft seat are offered for different applications as required.
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Advantages due to Unique Feature:

•    Single piece  stem and plug assembly: No vibration of plug when the globe valve is kept crack open. Cracking of Stellited seat due to High frequency vibration of plug when handling high pressure drop across valve seat is a common occurrence. Can be avoided by considering  this feature.               
•    Non Rotating along with Single Piece Stem and Plug Design feature ensures that the plug does not rotate when it sits on the globe valve seats. It also prevents damage to seat due to entrapped solid such as pipe scales or entrapped solid when the valve operator puts excess effort on handwheel to ensure tightness at seat.
•    Non Rising Hand wheel is ideal for use in areas where space between pipes is limited.
•    Roller Burnishing in Gland packing section gives a mirror finish to the spindle and helps reduce ware and tare of the gland packing. Effort required to operate the valve reduces due to reduced friction at the gland packing section due to this feature.
•    Control Cone feature (SN 46) helps to separate the seating area from the throttling of High pressure reduction area. As a result the harmful effects of  cavitation and flashing do not affect the seating area of the valve enhancing the seat life .