353 Process Automation Controller

353 Process Automation Controller
The Model 353 Process Automation Controller is a stand-alone, microprocessor-based industrial controller designed for a broad range of process applications. It can serve as a simple single-loop controller or as a multi-loop controller with complete control and logic functions for a small unit batch or continuous process. The Model 353’s fieldbus and networking options enable it to function as an integral element in a plant system.
Loops are configured for control, sequence, or logic as needed within the Model 353. Each configured loop can have a virtual operator display that is viewed locally using the LOOP button on the faceplate and is mapped to network communication for a plant operator station. Alarm management is handled using the L (Loop) & S (Station) indicator lights along with the priority assignments and flashing options of each alarm.

Benefits Specifications Technical Documentation
  • Affords easy integration with and migration to existing systems
  • Multiple loop capabilities for indication, control, logic, or sequencing accommodate comprehensive process control needs
  • Scalable hardware provides lower entry costs, without limiting future needs
  • Full configuration capability via front faceplate push-buttons allows quick field changes without requiring additional tools
  • Ethernet networking option provides higher speed, peer-to-peer communications.
  • RS485 MODBUS® network connection allows multi-drop wiring for operation, monitoring, troubleshooting, or configuration from a system workstation
  • Local Instrument Link (LIL) networking option provides integration with existing systems.
  • Front panel PC connection accommodates local configuration, monitoring, or troubleshooting using the graphical configuration software
  • Removable Real Time Clock/Configuration Board (RTC/CB) option minimizes maintenance and complexity via a simple board replacement technique that stores a complete copy of the control strategy configuration
  • Factory Configured Options (FCOs) facilitate fast configuration for common applications
  • Password protection provides individual security for various plant personnel
  • LonWorks® digital fieldbus provides flexible I/O expansion and reduced wiring costs for continuous and discrete variables
  • Hardware designed to support emerging fieldbus technologies for both field and network connections ensures smooth plant integration
  • Graphical configuration program provides a choice of function block or ladder logic configuration
  • Short case design allows mounting in 12" deep cabinets
  • Coated circuit boards ensure reliable operation and environmental integrity