Universal Single Loop Controller With Profile Control DICON 400/500

Universal Single Loop Controller With Profile Control DICON 400/500
This series of universal, freely configurable process controllers is available in the formats 96mm x 96mm and 96mm x 48mm (portrait and landscape format).
The instruments feature two 4-digit 7-segment displays, five or eight LEDs for indication of the switching status and operating modes, an 8-digit matrix display, as well as six keys for operation and configuration.
The user has flexibility in assigning the slots of the controller according to the block structure.
Additional functions include self-optimization, parameter set switching, and up to eight limit comparators.
Linearizations for conventional transducers are held in the memory; a customized linearisation table can be programmed.
The process controller can be adapted to a variety of tasks with the aid of a maths module.
The instruments can be integrated into a data network via a serial interface, or can be expanded through an external relay module.
A setup program is available for easy configuration from a PC.
The electrical connection is at the rear by screw terminals.

Benefits Technical Documentation
  • Switchable displays
  • Text or bar graph display
  • 8 limit comparators
  • 4 set-points
  • 2 parameter sets
  • Maths and logic module
  • Ramp and profile program function
  • Setup program with start-up software for Windows® 95/98/NT4.0
  • Approved to DIN 3440 (for Type 703570)
  • UL approval