Universal Single Loop Controller With Analog Output dTRON 300

Universal Single Loop Controller With Analog Output dTRON 300
dTRON 300 is a compact mini processor based controller with auto-tuning and fuzzy logic. With universal I/P''s freely assignable O/P it is ideal for furnace control, and single loop applications. The option of Modbus gives you a Human Machine Interface (HMI) as well.
Benefits Technical Documentation
  • Truly universal controller with PID, Heat/Cool, Motor control PID, Freely selectable in the same device.
  • Optional capability to perform high end control functions like Ratio, Over ride, Transfer, Average and Humidity Control
  • Four programmable set points, two parameter sets
  • 8 steps profile program or Ramp function
  • Freely selectable sampling time from 50 to 250 m/s to cater to fast and slow system
  • Four freely selectable limit comparator for alarm
  • Two freely selectable timer
  • MODbus or PROFIBUS-DP interface for networking
  • Two auto tuning procedures as standard (oscillation or step response method)
  • Structured, easy to use operation parameterization and configuration from front keypad
  • Various sizes to suite existing panel cutout
  • Modular and Isolated I/O card allows reduction in inventory and spares
  • UL, CUL, DIN and Gost approvals