Control Valve

Flow Control Valves : Control Valve & On/Off Valves - Manufactured to cater to a variety of industrial control applications
FORBES MARSHALL ARCA control valves and actuators are designed to cater to a variety of industrial control applications like steam, liquids and gases. Forbes Marshall control valves are modular in design and versatile in construction. They are designed and manufactured using advanced CNC machinery thus making them virtually trouble free to operate with minimum maintenance. Coupled with single spring and multi spring diaphragm actuators, control valve series 8C, 6N & 6H provide complete control solutions to most critical service conditions. Our well-trained representatives are ready to help you select, size and install the most appropriate valve for your service.

For over five decades FORBES MARSHALL ARCA has manufactured and provided advanced quality instrumentation products for various industries such as Power, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, Chemicals and HVAC.


FORBES MARSHALL ARCA  has launched a new control valve which is synonymous with quality, efficiency, weight and ease of maintenance. The new Control Valve is a robust, compact and light weight with pneumatically operated easy field reversible multi - spring diaphragm actuator and a sturdy , pipe-less and vibration resistant mounted digital positioner.

1/2 " to 4 " , ANSI #150 & #300

6 " to 16 " , ANSI #150 & #300

1 " to 10 ", ANSI #600 to #1500
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It comes with the following features :

  •     Reliability
  •     Flexibility
  •     Efficiency
  •     Lower operating and maintenance cost
  •     ANSI standards
  •     Precision
  •     Improved design based on customer feedback
  •     Next generation positioners with optional
  •     Bi-direction communication
  •     Designed to ANSI standards with standardised trims
  •     Flexible
  •     Low cost of ownership


  •     Enviromnent Friendly : Corrosion resistant stuffing box to avoid gland leakage
  •     Precision : Avoids misalignment between actuator and valve guiding by applying up-to-date CNC manufacturing techniques
  •     Efficiency : Double use of auxillary energy by using thousand times tried and tested pneumatic multi-spring diagphragm actuator with the option of permanent spring case ventilation.
  •     Control of the ‘Magic Triangle’ : Shorter delivery time, low operation cost and higher technical value and quality
  •     No seat leakage : Tight shut off with zero leakage
  •     Extended lifetime : Reversible seat allows use of seat from both sides increasing lifetime of valve
  •     Easy and fast assembly : No special tools required
  •     Hand-wheel with revolutionary gear operated design allows smooth manual operation.