Fyrite Kit

Fast, accurate and easy to use instruments for measuring and analyzing carbon dioxide or oxygen. Fyrite® Analyzers are available for either CO2 or O2 analysis, and each mode is produced in three scale ranges. All six instruments are similar in appearance and size, but differ in important construction details, as well as in the absorbing fluids. Each model, therefore, is suitable only for the particular gas analysis or scale range for which it has been manufactured. Accuracy is within ±0.5% CO2 or 02.
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  • Fyrite® Indicators have a broad range; they may be exposed to ambient temperatures from -30° to 150°F, and gases up to 850°F may be tested with standard aspirator sampling equipment (special sampling equipment for higher gas temperatures or dry gases is available).
  • For temperatures above 1400°F, a ceramic sampling tube (Bacharach Part No. 11-0164) is available.