Thermodynamic Steam Trap

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Thermodynamic steam traps manufactured by Forbes Marshall are best suited and widely used for mainline trapping applications. Thermodynamic steam traps operate on Bernaulli's principle and are the best choice for mainline condensate drainage.

The compact size of our thermodynamic steam traps ensures minimum radiation losses taking place through the trap body. They are robust, efficient and quite maintenance free as only moving part involved is a disc. Forbes Marshall Thermodynamic Traps are being used for decades by the steam users and reliability and efficiency of these traps is proven. Using Forbes Marshall Thermodynamic Traps promises quick removal of condensate and puts a check on
water hammer and other condensate related issues.
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1.    Available in a wide range of sizes and end connections for installation flexibility.
2.    Available with anti-air binding disc on demand.
3.    Available for all pressure range.