Moisture Separator

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It is always advisable to use steam with the maximum possible dryness fraction. Wet steam is a cause of many problems including corrosion, water hammer etc. Wet steam can also damage costly equipment like flow meters, control valves etc. 

Forbes Marshall moisture separators effectively remove the moisture from steam ensuring the highest dryness fraction at the outlet. These moisture separators are available with IBR test certifications if required.

Forbes Marshall offers a wide range of moisture separators in different materials and a large variety of sizes. Thorough engineering and precise manufacturing ensure complete removal of entrained moisture particles. Moisture separators can be cast or fabricated as required.


1.    Thoroughly engineered design ensures maximum dryness fraction
2.    Wide variety of sizes
3.    Internals designed for minimum re-entrainment.

1.    Installing moisture separators before equipment like flow meters, control valves can avoid damage to these costly equipment.
2.    Use of moisture separators improves the overall health of the steam system and ensures high heat transfer rates and reliability of operation.