Piston Valves

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Energy Audits carried out by us at a large number of process plants reveal that in a typical 5 years old plant, over 30% of isolation valves leak. Valve glands and seats are the typical locations where leaking initiates. Forbes Marshall piston valves are glandless isolation valves which offer leak-proof sealing. A burnished piston seals against SS reinforced graphite rings to achieve a leak proof class VI shutoff.

This unique design ensures a long life even at high temperatures up to 425 Deg. C.
Features Benefits Technical Documents
  1. Larger effective sealing area, 480% more than a globe valve
  2. Self-cleaning and self-lubricating
  3. Absence of Gland & Seat. Does not need piston valve key
  4. Maintenance friendly - Uniform sealing rings on both the sides & maintenance can be done without removing the Piston Valve from the pipe line. (On-line Maintenance)
  5. Asbestos free manufacturing