Steam Meter- SteaMon

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SteaMon is a sophisticated vortex type flowmeter from Forbes Marshall, with integrated temperature compensation in a 2-wire technology. SteaMon is designed to accurately measure the mass flow rate of saturated steam even in the situations of fluctuating temperatures and pressures.

Available in various sizes, SteaMon has been designed keeping in mind the importance of metering saturated steam on a department and equipment wise level. Due to its sandwich type design, it is highly suitable for ASA 300 flanges.

1. 2-wire device with integrated temperature compensation
2. Wear resistant, fully welded stainless steel vortex shedding structure with high corrosion, pressure and temperature resistance.
3. Maintenance free Sensor Design
4. Sensor placed behind the fully welded bluff body
5. No damage to the sensor due to passing
6. No possibility of damage and deposits on pick-up

1. SteaMon helps plants operators to take corrective actions to bring down the steam consumption and address steam leakage issues.
2. The temperature compensation technology helps quantify the losses accurately.