Steam Meter- Accuflo

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Plant Metering

Measure every unit of steam, generated or distributed. After generation, the steam is distributed to various sections from the main steam pipe/header. But it is necessary to know the exact steam consumption in the individual departments within the production plant or in the individual production lines.

Any indicated increase in steam consumption above the accepted norm for a given production rate will indicate some inefficiency developing in that section of steam using production plant, which can be investigated for corrective actions. The other perhaps obvious reason for the monitoring of steam consumption is the ability to operate accurate cost accounting for a specific product line.
The steam flow meter Accuflo is a perfect tool for providing exact information about the steam consumption and steam quality.

AccuFlo Steam Flowmeter

AccuFlo is a steam metering system, complete with the Vortex Steam Flowmeter, Local Flow Indicator, the required straight lengths with flanges, flow straightners, foolproof gaskets, steam conditioning equipment(optional).

The purpose of plant metering is served only when the available data is collated for effective analysis. The user interface for plant metering is our data analysis software "Accusoft" . Accusoft helps the user in historical data logging and trending, generating management reports, charts/graphs, log of daily, weekly, monthly generation/consumption reports, specific steam consumption, energy billing reports, alarms for budget exceed, percent deviation from set benchmarks etc.