Forbes Marshall View Glass

no image View Working Principle
The Forbes Marshall view glass is a simple yet novel product that enables visualizing the flow of steam, water or oil, inside pipelines. The visualization of flow helps diagnose problems occurring in equipment upstream or downstream of the view glass.

It overcomes the problems of poor visibility and improper distinction between vapour and condensate flow by using a deflector plate to separate the vapour and condensate.

This new design is ideal for applications in which a clear indication of flow is required, such as downstream of paper drying cylinders, in DM water lines or monitoring steam traps and heat exchangers, etc.


1. Constructed using high quality toughened glass or borosilicate oil lapped glass.
2. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit a large number of requirements.


1. Enables users to quickly check the status of the system/equipment which helps to diagnose performance of critical equipment such as steam traps.