Temperature Control System

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The system comprises of -
  • PT 100 based Resistance Temperature Detector
  • Forbes Marshall 'D'tron series PID controller
  • Control valve with 830 WP - Forbes Marshall Electro pneumatic positioner.

General Service Control Valve

This control valve has been developed using the very latest in computational Fluid Dynamics and rapid prototyping techniques to provide a modern valve for today’s demanding industries.

The control valve has a modular design concept and incorporates many options within one body envelope.Both ANSI and EN versions share the same internals and only two pneumatic actuators are required for valves up to DN50, 2" in size.This leads to a low number of components and a highly flexible system, where one valve can satisfy the needs of numerous industrial requirements. The outcome for the user is a general service control valve with exceptionally low cost of ownership.

A General Service Control Valve With A Winning Formula

General Service Application + Precise Control + High Performance Steam Setting + Long Life Internals + Low Number of
Components + Quick and Easy Maintenance = Low Cost of Ownership and Higher Profits for You

D'tron series PID Controller
D'tron series PID Controller from Forbes Marshall is the most advanced in its class with freely selectable I/O, capability to perform
high-end function like Ratio, Over Ride, Transfer, Average and Control. 8-Step profile or ramp function and math logic function. All with customer friendly setup programme.