Steam Pressure Reducing Stations

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The Forbes Marshall pressure reducing station is an engineered and factory assembled unit. It is designed in line with good  steam engineering practices using our proprietary software. We Marshall manufactures all the components of the pressure reducing station in-house, which enables quality control for each component to highest standards. Every component is tested on live steam & the entire assembly is hydro tested.

Steam should be available to the process in the right quantity, should be of the right quality and should be at the right pressure and temperature.

Reducing Valve

The reducing valve should be selected to ensure that the right quantity of steam, at the right pressure, is available to the process consistently. The turndown is an important parameter to be selected. We, with our wide range of pressure reducing valves are fully equipped to select the right valve for your needs.

Moisture Separator & Strainer

Clean dry steam is necessary for achieving maximum process efficiency with minimum wastage of steam. The baffle design moisture separator is designed for high separation efficiency. Clean and dry steam also prevents pitting and erosion of the valve trim and seat.

Isolation Valves

Zero leak piston valves prevent losses through the gland as well as prevent any inline leakage. Our piston valves confirm to leakage class VI, guaranteed zero gland leakage, are scrap-free design, can be maintained inline and last a lifetime.

Safety Valve

A good quality safety valve is essential in the unlikely event of overshoot in steam pressure.  Forbes Marshall safety valves are the most reliable and proven.

All upstream and downstream pipework and fittings must be adequately sized to ensure that the only appreciable pressure drop occurs across the reducing valve itself. It is therefore essential that the PRS is designed by experts and all the components used are of the best quality.

  Forbes Marshall Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) is the solution for your Steam Pressure Management needs. Please email your requirement and parameters to or use the "Send Enquiry" link from this page for customized sizing of a complete PRS.