Waste Heat Recovery System

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Nowadays Textile wet processing operations are coming under increased scrutiny from environmental regulators because of the complex wastewaters and air emissions they generate.
Wastewater temperature is  major form of pollution. In dyeing processes, so much hot water is discharged that, in the absence of any counter-measures, total wastewater temperatures may exceed 40°C, even though 35°C is the maximum permissible temperature. This new regulatory effort comes at a time when textile companies are already faced with the need to reduce costs to respond to increasing competition.

As Textile industry, which consumes energy in the form of heat. With the increasing scarcity of natural resources and spiraling costs of energy, energy conservation today is an absolute necessity to sustain any business , for that new technologies are required to recover some percentage of loss of energy.  We  offer an opportunity for textile companies to reduce heat releases and save money; at the same time, it helps you become more efficient.


This system   recovers  80-90 % of the waste energy.  The system provides the temperature of clean water used in the dyeing plant just 5-10Deg C lower than waste water (25-30 Deg C compare to 10-15 Deg C in the average systems). The system,  via usage of the discharged energy heats cold water entering into the dyeing plant and provides you with ready hot water.
You may start using the ready hot water for the following procedures immediately:
•    In bleaching process
•    In dyeing process
•    In washing process
•    In rinsing process
•    And in a steam boiler.
Thus, the amount of the consumed fuel and waiting time in the heating process decrease.
  This system provides saving up to 15-30 % of fuel in Textile Dye house.

  By using this system, production capacity increases up to 10- 25 % ( if the dyeing machine doesn't have reserve tank).

Principle of system Use

•    Separate cold and hot water Channel at M/C outlet.
•    channel of cold wasted water, directly sending to ETP plant
•    Hot waste water in hot water channel is took to Dye Liquor Collection Sump.
•    Hot Wasted water on sump is automatically control by level controllers.
•    By Pump Hot Liquor is taken from the sump and passed to the unit.
•    Before going to heat exchanges it passed through filters to stop fibre and particular blockage
•    Pure water enter the system by one Pneumatic valve In Heat Exchangers the Soft water gain heat from the Hot waste water .
•    The warm Soft water store to Hot Soft water tank..
•    Water pumps are automatically stop when wasted water pool down to minimum working level. when level up to normal they all automatically open.
•    All those process happening automatically and don’t even need any human power. System is very easy to set up and Use.

Selecting the Waste Heat Recovery System

Required parameters for  selection
•    Hot Effluent Discharged per day – M3 /day
•    Average Temperature of the effluent – Deg  C
•    Separation of Hot & Cold Effluent Streams? – Yes / No
•    Availability of storage tanks
    a)  Dye Liquor Storage Tank – Cap in M3/ hr
    b)  Hot Water Storage Tank
•    Characteristics of Dye Liquor (If available)
    a) Viscosity
    b) Concentration of solids – wt/wt %
    c) Conductivity
    d) Presence of cotton fluff/ threads etc

Ref. List

•    Abhishek Industry- Trident – Barnala Cap 90 m3/ hr with 15 Deg C rise
•    Abhitex Industry - Panipat – 40 m3/ Hr with 20 Deg c rise
•    Kanchan Spinner- Bhilwara – 15 m3/ Hr with 20 Deg c rise
•    Alok Industries– vapi - Cap 20 m3/ hr with 25 DegC rise
•    Damodar Yan Mgf - Vapi – 30 m3/ Hr with 15 Deg c rise
•    Emperor Textile –Coimbatore - 15 m3/ Hr with 20 Deg c rise
•    Harrison & Harjlal – Panipat - 20 M3/ Hr with 20 Deg C rise
•    Sangam Spinner – Bhilwara - 20 M3/ Hr with 30 Deg C rise
•    Cotton Blossom - Coimbatore – 20 m3/ Hr with 25 Deg C rise.
•    Exim Knits Wear - Coimbatore – 10 M3/ Hr with 25 Deg C rise
•    Rajasthan Spinner – Bhilwara – 50 M3/ Hr with 5 Deg C rise
•    BJ Textile - Chennai -10 M3/ hr with 25 Deg C rise

and many more ………
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• Fewer installation errors and safety mishaps
• Shortened overall project lead times
• Simplified maintenance and lengthened service life
• Localized field support

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