Forbes Marshall Flash Vessel

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When condensate at a higher pressure is discharged at a lower pressure, a part of the condensate is flashed. This flash steam can be effectively recovered by using the Forbes Marshall Flash Vessel. Flash steam contains 40% to 50% of the total energy in condensate and it can be used back in low pressure applications. Separating out the flash steam from condensate by using a flash vessel offers maximum efficiency of the recovery system.

Forbes Marshall offers thoroughly engineered flash vessels to provide optimum efficiency and system performance. Flash vessels come with an insulation jacket which ensures highest operational efficiency by preventing the heat loss through radiation. The flash vessels are available in different capacities depending on the condensate load. 
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Forbes Marshall Flash Vessels come along with standard accessories. Accessories are:
  1. Insulation Jacket: to minimize the radiation losses and ensure safety of the personnel around.
  2. Single Orifice Float Trap: For condensate removal
  3. Forbes Marshall View Glass: To visually inspect the health
  4. Cast Strainer: To prevent clogging of the internals