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It is essential to be involved with basic primary level education in India. In spite of India producing some of the best doctors, engineers, computer programmers, academicians and managers for the world's workforce, we have a literacy level of only around 60% in the country, with women's literacy being even more appallingly low.  Economic progress in the future will only be possible if we raise the quality of our masses by providing a better education to the large majority such that more and more of them can do something with that education and better their lives and those of their future generations.  This needs to happen without in anyway diluting the quality of the education that is already available to the privileged minority of Indians who will continue to contribute as they do today in the workforce of the world.

In a country like ours, the need of the hour is to have more and better educated citizens and therefore our focus is on providing quality education to those who can’t afford it. We do this in two ways – we have begun several innovative initiatives, which supplement the regular school programme that the children from the urban slum would go to.

Some of the educational initiatives are:

Gammatwadi or fun preschool” at our MIDC factory where children learn through the play way method. This gives them an ideal foundation to introduce them to school.
We had started Gammatwadi in Kasarwadi in 1999 as preschools were rare and government did not have preschools attached to the primary school. As of 2006, there are half a dozen privately run preschools and 4 preschools attached to the Municipal School in Kasarwadi .Thus we took a decision of phasing out the preschools in Kasarwadi , simultaneously strengthening a bilingual pre school  at  Morwadi  in association with Swadhar where the need still persists.

School Library Project:

Low levels of reading achievements are a major problem in the primary school level.  A bag of story books (graded reading books) is taken to the classes and assistance provided by one book fairy for children for an hour and a half per week during school hours. A well-received programme, we hope to address the issue through this highly replicable programme. We are networking with Door step school and Swadhar for the implementation of school library project in municipal and private affordable schools.

Study Hall:

We provide a conducive atmosphere for learning along with assistance for children in their school subjects. Children from 5th to 10th standards come to study every day at our community centre in Kasarwadi and MIDC Pimpri. Activities are conducted throughout the year for exposure and fun for the children. While some children attend the study hall for a short time and we are happy that the number of regular students is increasing.

iTeach Movement:

With minimal access to an affordable secondary education, students have virtually no chance at building careers. This is not only a massive educational problem, but a danger to our city’s social fabric itself. The iTeach Schools initiative is an attemptto start addressing this problem, one step at a time, by creating schools where these students can attend Grades VIII to X (English Medium). ITeach Schools want to level the playing field for the poorest of the city’s students, by providing them with a free, high quality and foundational secondary education, in partnership with the government
Forbes Marshall is part of a Public Private Partnership with iTeach Movement. We supported the BabuJagjivanram School at Yerwada for the last 3 years. This year onwards we are supporting their Student Alumni Wing

Swadheen :

Swadheen is an employability initiative implemented in three higher secondary schools in Chakan. Under this, students are introduced to basic skill technology for three years. As a result of this they learn to work with their hands and are better informed to take a decision to their path after school completion. Through our program we provide the youth access to vocational training, career development, and employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Our goal is to help the youth realize their full potential to meet their aspirations for a better life.

Forbes Vyncke Girls Scholarship Program:

In order to extend our support to girl’s education we have launched the “Forbes Vyncke Girls Scholarship Programme “since September 2017. We support girls from five rural high schools studying from 8th to 12thgrade. These applicants   are referred by the school teachers, Principals and Para professional health workers. Of these, a majority are tribal girls belonging to the Thakar and Katkari tribes. Apart from financial support; the girls are getting inputs in the areas of health, personality development and other issues at our Chakan factory on Sundays.

TARANG: Life skill Education programmes for youth

We conduct sessions under the programme called TARANG (Talking about Reproductive health And Gender) for girls and boys from the 9th Standard of the Government and resource poor private schools on reproductive health, healthy attitudes, gender sensitivity, gender and violence, difference between love and infatuation, responsible behaviour, sexual abuse and safety, bullying, assertive behaviour, sexually transmitted illnesses and HIV/AIDS. Our partner organization called “Centre for Youth Development and Activities” has reached out to more than 6,000 students through this project. We look at it as an important step in prevention of   Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV.

The TARANG project at Chakan commenced in August 2018. This is a 3 year pilot in 3 schools. We have incorporated a counselling mode in these schools

Child Guidance Centre:

A centre for psychological testing, assessment and counselling was started in association with the KEM Hospital's TDH - Morris centre. The centre provides assessment and counselling services to the non-affordable group. We primarily cater to those who would not afford the IQ testing / counselling services. Till date we have 800+ referrals all from PCMC area which has spilled to Dehu Road and Talegaon. Our paediatrician at Medicare assesses the referred cases every Friday. The cases we have got referrals range from behaviour counselling, parent counselling, IQ testing, ADD, ADHD, autistic, hearing impaired etc.

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