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Ms. Parveen Shaikh from Balaji group and Ms. Kavita Gore from Swabhiman group were felicitated in the group leader's meeting for having only one girl child and undergoing family planning operation after that. Another lady named Chhaya Gore from Saptashrungi group also was felicitated as she has two daughters only.
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Self Help Groups of women (SHG):

The SHGs that FM supports does not take care only of financial requirements but they are the platform for women to share their joys and sorrows, participating in various programmes and a tool for change. To empower the women from the community we started SHGs and through this platform we encourage the women to get their daughters married after completing 18 years of age, give them opportunities for getting education and to be self-reliant.  “Development Support Team” is our partner organization for the SHG programme.
To address the needs of increasing number of women who need loans for various reasons the SHGs have formed one federation inBopkhel.
At present we have 117 groups in Bopkhel and Chakan and have about 2200 members. The groups in Pimple Gurav and Kasarwadi are now operating independently.  With the help of the loans that they get from the SHGs nearly 20% of these groups have started small scale income generation activities to support their family income. From these groups, women have come forward collectively to start their own credit cooperative society called 'Samruddhi”. At present there are more than 1500 women who have become members of the credit cooperative society.


This special group was formed for the community women belonging to the less privileged section. Apart from group support, we focus on providing opportunities for income generation by teaching them skills and helping them to market their products. We also provide them counselling facilities. The group meets on regular basis to make handmade paper bags, craft items such as greeting cards, photo frames, note pads, jewellery boxes etc. Their products get a good response from the market.

News paper bags project:

We started this project in August 2014 in three Villages in Chakan and in Kasarwadi, Pune. The main objective of this project is to help the environment & to generate income for the economically weaker section of the society & to make them self-reliant & self-confident.

Training was given by Eco Ad a social enterprise.  The bags are made out of old newspapers& the papers are provided by us at no cost.  At present 36 women are working in this. Approximately 18,000 bags are produced per month and sold. Women are earning approx. Rs 70 to 80 per day.

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