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Learnings at ‘Study Hall’


‘Life School’ conducted an inspiring and motivating program for our ‘Study Hall’ children recently. What was extremely striking was the spontaneous response of around 40 children who were initially hesitant but later loved answering the facilitator’s questions.

The first session was about three things:

1.    Being extraordinary
2.    Everything has a good and bad aspect, we need to take the good and move on.
3.    We can make anything more beautiful.

Before the second session, the children were asked to come back with at least five instances where they had been extraordinary and the response was amazing.

The second session taught the children to look for ‘solutions in problems’. The message was to ‘think out of the box’. Children learnt to think and solve a problem rather than look for ‘ immediate solutions’.

The third and last session emphasized ‘appreciation’. The children had to jot down a few points appreciating a person they liked.

Another topic was how to get out of depression. A story was shared with the children, which led to a lot of questions and discussion. Few kids were misty eyed by the end of the realistic story, which meant that the story might have touched a cord somewhere deep inside.

The sessions ended with goodies being gifted to children and some wonderful thought provoking posters...