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Children’s Film Festival at BIG Cinemas, Chinchwad

20 November is Universal Children''s Day while 14 November is celebrated as Children''s day in India. To commemorate this special day, Forbes Marshall is hosting a Children’s Film Festival on the 20th & 21st of November, 2010 for underprivileged children in the age group of 6-12 years, living within the PCMC area.

The festival was inaugurated by Mrs. Rati Forbes, Director, Forbes Marshall and Master Saksham Kulkarni, a child prodigy in Marathi Cinema. Speaking on the occasion Mrs. Forbes thanked all the organizations for the active participation and the Big Cinema for the support. She also stated that Forbes Marshall intends to make this an annual event and expressed hope that they would get similar participation and support in the future too”.

Thanking Forbes Marshall for inviting him to be a part of this festival, Saksham Kulkarni said that is was a great experience and he too shared the excitement and enthusiasm of the children. He acknowledged good cinema for children was hard to come by these days, and watched the movie with the children for sometime.

On the first day of this unique initiative, the festival received an overwhelming response from several organizations working with underprivileged children in the PCMC area. Children from organisations like Nachiketa Balgram, Swadhar, Girish Prabhune’s Gurukul,  Shardashram ashram school ( shirgaon), Missionaries of Charity, Vanasthalee and also children attending the Study Hall facility of Forbes Marshall attended the screening of Chutkan ki Mahabharat on Saturday, 20th November 2010. The screening of Bhaago Bhoot, which is scheduled for Sunday  21st November 2010 will have children from Akanksha, Kagad Kach Patra, the Forbes Marshall Prerna Kendra, Missionaries of Charity and Shardashram in attendance.

Some quotes :

We are very happy that the children from our organization got an opportunity to see good imaginative cinema today said a proud Swadhar teacher accompanying the kids .
Thanks for organizing this unique event where our children not only got to see good cinema, but were also given snacks said Vibhute kaka of Nachiketa Balgram. We really have no words to express our thanks for this wonderful event organized by Forbes Marshall. And the opportunity to see an actor face to face was something we had never expected. Thanks a lot!
The children of our organisation enjoyed  the movie so much, they want to see it again especially because of Chutkan’s antics said the volunteers of Shardashram Ashram School.
Ice-cream from McDonald’s, sponsored by members of Forbes Marshall, brought to an end a delightful morning, and the children went back home with sweet memories.