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Child Development Project: 21st,22nd and 23rd October 2013

Training session conducted by Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy and Dr. Anjali Joshi of "Ummeed" for our Community Health Workers.

"Ummeed" is an organization  in Mumbai, working on Child Development and disability of children. We have partnered with them to start our own Child Development Project in our 3 communities, namely, Kasarwadi, Bopkhel and Morwadi. Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) have been trained by Ummeed staff over the period of one year in 3 workshops child development. During the period of 6 months our CHWs have covered over 500 households and have started identifying developmental delays. The children with developmental delays are referred by the CHWs to the appropriate organizations for treatment and follow up. The project is about early detection and prevention of developmental delays and disabilities. Early detection often can help children get cured of some disabilities and help the children live a better life even if the disability is not curable. 

One such case is of a 2 year old girl who used to be very dull and never used to leave her mother''s side. The CHW detected the delay in her milestones. and realized that she could not see properly. So she was referred for the treatment. After undergoing the surgery she can see now and has become very playful and active. The mother can not describe her happiness in words!