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Self Help Groups Program

Forbes Marshall's Self Help Groups (SHGs) are the groups of 10-20 women who come together and save a specific amount unanimously decided every month. First six months the amount is deposited regularly in the nationalized bank. After the six months as per the needs of the women the loan is disbursed with 2% interest per month. The loan is again unanimously decided on priority and need basis of the group members. Our SHGs are existing in the communities for 15 years. There are 160 groups and 3600 women members functioning well in the community. We give these members training on issues related to health, hygiene, laws, income generation activities, marketing skills and so on.

Ms. Parveen Shaikh from Balaji group and Ms. Kavita Gore from Swabhiman group were felicitated in the group leader's meeting for having only one girl child and undergoing family planning operation after that. Another lady named Chhaya Gore from Saptashrungi group also was felicitated as she has two daughters only.
In our Self Help Groups (SHGs) we encourage the women to have small family norm, prevent foeticide of girl child, give opportunity to their daughters to get educated and stand on their feet. Our SHG community leaders have decided to felicitate our members who have only one or two daughters and stop having children after that without having a male child to be an example in front of the community. They had to face comments from the relatives and many others for not having sons but they were very firm with their decision. They consider their daughters just as good as the sons.

Parveen Bhabhi has taught her daughter to be a computer engineer and Kavita's daughters are studying and will continue their education at least up to graduation. We congratulate these ladies!

A health check-up camp was organized for the SHG women members of Bopkhel. The camp helped ladies to understand their health requirements and do well in regular diet and medical needs.