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Feeling Good about Giving

A recent study by Harvard Business School faculty and graduate students titled “Feeling Good about Giving : The Benefits (and Costs) of Self-Interested Charitable Behavior," explores the ways in which charitable behavior can lead to benefits for the giver. While the concept that giving to others can make you feel good about yourself is not revolutionary, there are several more subtle ways that giving your money or time for a cause can benefit your psychological, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Once again our KROHNE Marshall team members have shown that they are the champions of charitable behavior and helped generously for the cause of the less privileged.

On 29th Nov. 2013, sixty members of KROHNE Marshall have kept 3 boxes in their department and instead of spending money on birthdays they all drop the amounts in those drop boxes. Every quarter they collect the amount in the boxes and give it to the cause of the less privileged. So far, they have helped educational projects that are going on for the less privileged children. This time they felt that the collection can help the aged, blind and orphan children. Therefore, they invited Meghana of our CSR team and Renuka of our HR team and in the gathering of all the department members, they handed over the money. There was a strong bond of unity among the members and genuine wish to contribute to the social cause. Renuka and Meghana appreciated their initiative and appealed to them that since all of them were so inspired for the good work, they could also try to think of spending some time and share their skills by volunteering in social activities.

They have collected Rs. 15,000/- for this quarter and the amount will be donated this time to Blind girl's home, Kothrud, Niwara for the aged and Maher, for the orphan children. The money will be given for the specific requirements of the three groups and Meghana will find out the specific requirements.

Thanks to these champions for their good initiative. Many of us who want to make some difference could follow this initiative at our own workplace.