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Blood Donation - The art of Giving !!

We witnessed Forbes Marshall members queuing up once again to extend great service by donating blood. Held in association with the Pimpri Serological Blood Bank , the camp commenced at 9.30 am and ended by 5 pm .



We had good response this time also and a notable feature this time was the increase in number of lady members. The Blood Bank team mentioned that the donation is more valued as this time of the year blood banks faces severe shortfalls.
We also took the opportunity to explain all members with the FM Giving platform where they can mention their noble activities, where they have contributed either by giving time, money or any help in kind.
An incident happened which showcased that humanity still prevails in life, an outside visitor had come to donate blood. On being asked if there was any specific reason, he mentioned that he just had a new addition to his family! He donated blood on the joyous occasion of the birth of a daughter, what a noble gesture !!!