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Fun Activity Day with tribal childrens

There are two tribal localities at village Savardari of Chakan. Forbes Marshall have been working with these two communities for past 6 months. The tribal children from these two localities go to one Anganwadi and after that to the village school that is quite far from their houses. We have formed a group of women and children and have been giving them inputs on various things.


On 21st May we conducted a special activity day for the children. Prabha Jadhav, our resource person who regularly goes to the village on our behalf had organized the children with the help of Swapnil Humbre from our department. 38 children of various age groups enthusiastically came together for this day. Prabha''s daughter and niece volunteered along with Manoj Jadhav from Forbes Marshall and Pooja Kshirsagar from the Forbes Marshall- CII batch for Affirmative Action. Manoj helped the children learn the activities like origami and clay molding. Pooja gave various gifts like crayons, drawing books and water bottles for the children.

Initially Prabha planned a game of bursting the balloons to make children open up. They all loved the game. Then Prabha''s daughter and niece taught the children various fun activities like, making greeting cards by paper quilling, origami, clay molding, tail the goat, etc. At the end of the activities the children were given bhel and the gifts were distributed to them.
It was an experience of joy for the children and for all of us.