Smart Positioner Series 8400S

Forbes Marshall Series 8400S Positioner brings advanced sensor technology with numerous salient features. Positioner is backed with comprehensive research and extensive field trials. A simple to use, operator friendly device which is easy to adapt to control valve application. Numerous functions can be easily achieved by simple configuration.

The Smart Positioner Series 8400S is a Smart two-wire device that uses a 4-20mA signal input as its set point, deriving its power from the same. It compares the set point with the actual position of the Actuator stem and eliminates the positioning error accurately using an internal PID control action

Below are the important features:
  • Precise position control.
  • Low Air Consumption, which ensures Payback of investment within few months.
  • Diagnostic Features.
  • Local & Remote Monitoring over HART protocol.
  • Basic programming front fascia without configurator.
  • NAMUR tubeless connection for MF-series actuators. Requires less space as external pneumatic tubing is not required.

To view more details n download technical brochure click here: Smart Positioner