OPTISWIRL: New vortex flowmeter from KROHNE

OPTISWIRL features the ISP (Intelligent Signal Processing) technology developed by KROHNE. This intelligent signal analysis ensures an exact interpretation of measured values from which external perturbations have been eliminated.

Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP)

ISP works on the basis of a filter that allows the user to track the actual signal only. The filter system first analyzes the measurement signal and then finds the vortex signal in the entire spectrum. OPTISWIRL filters out all other frequencies. This means that the user obtains a precise and stable measurement he can rely on.

OPTISWIRL is robust, reliable and maintenance-free. Thanks to its non-wearing stainless steel design there is no risk of deposits or damage to the bluff body. In addition, the design is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion. With its plug and play feature, the vortex meter is ready for immediate operation by the user, helped by a simple operating concept with an intuitive human machine interface. The customary KROHNE modular concept means that the electronics can be easily replaced; PACTware comes as standard at no extra cost.

The main areas of application for OPTISWIRL are the chemical, metal, oil and gas, paper and water sectors. However, users can also rely on OPTISWIRL for SIP and CIP processes in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Typical applications are also steam boiler monitoring, control of compressor output or consumption measurement of burners and in compressed air systems.