Case Study: Benefits of Flash Steam Recovery System in a Pharmaceutical Plant

Company under the study

A global specialty pharmaceutical and medication delivery company providing solutions to help improve safety and effectiveness of patient care. The operated on a 6 tons per hour furnace oil fired boiler.

Challenges faced:
The major challenge which the plant faced was low feedwater temperature. High feedwater temperature (through condensate recovery) offers double benefits of energy conservation and removal of gases dissolved in feedwater.

Also, the energy from the flash steam was not recovered.


Use of centrifugal pump was identified as the cause of low feedwater temperature. The centrifugal pump was replaced by steam operated pump. A flash vessel and flash recovery system was installed to recover energy from the flash steam.

1.    Feedwater temperature went up from 41 Deg. C. to 91 Deg. C.
2.    6% savings on annual fuel bill.