Online continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Online Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring - Mr. Samir Bhandarkar

India was listed fifth amongst the poisonous gas emitting nations in the world. With pollution levels rising across the country, revised National Ambient Air Quality standards for twelve pollutants were notified in 2009 by the Ministry of Environment and Forests(MOEF). Pollutant includes gases like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, ammonia and particulate matters below 10 micron, below 2.5 micron size. As per revised norms, residential and industrial areas have the same standards.

The revised ambient air quality standards provide a legal framework for the control of air pollution and the protection of public health which has provision for any citizen to approach the court for better air quality. In India, these norms are governed by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and implemented by the state pollution control board (branches of CPCP).

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