Having an accurate and reliable process measurement has always been a challenge for the productive operation of a cement plant. Choosing a right automation solution along with appropriate filed devices is perhaps the most important decision for the Cement industry. Lots of processes demand high quality, accurate & reliable measurements as well as controls to achieve the best possible process efficiency, increase in productivity & profitability.

Many types of instrumentation, sensors, and controllers that might be installed in an ordinary process plant may not be suitable for the harsh environment encountered in the cement industry. For example, cement industry is recognized as having some of the most difficult level measurement applications to solve because of the high temperatures and dusty atmospheres.

We offer technology & expertise for better performance and reliability for most of the problematic areas in cement industry. In addition, the growing use of alternative fuels poses new measurement challenges. Our experts study proper application, use, and maintenance of typical field devices and can help you in achieving better results. We offer instrumentation solutions to optimise variety of processes in cement industry. These solutions are in the domain of flow / level monitoring and control, on line analysis of various parameters and temperature / pressure measurements of different processes. We also offer automation solutions to enhance the efficiency of operations & to optimise the processes.

Another important area that needs focus is compressed air. Compressed air is costlier than steam. We offer lots of services that include variety of products & services like compressed air audits.

We help the industry to become eco-friendly by variety of our pollution monitoring solutions for both Gas emissions & Industrial effluents.

In case you are generating your own power in the Captive Power Plant (CPP), we offer vibration monitoring systems, steam & water analysis systems, on line water quality analyzers, stop & safety valves for enhancing life of your power plant & maintaining it at higher efficiency levels.

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