Any power plant today needs to run safely, with maximum efficiency and ensure a clean & green environment. Corrosion and erosion of turbine blades and other plant equipment not only reduces life and efficiency of the plant, but can necessitate unplanned shutdowns. These shutdowns cause loss of revenue & in addition there is need for repairs & maintenance, which is also very expensive. Vibrations of any kind can lead to damage or even accidents. Steam leakages at high-pressure lead to costly wastage of steam and pose safety hazards. There are many such issues that make the smooth and efficient running of a power plant next to impossible.

We can help the power plants to overcome each of these problems with products and systems that are designed to meet the needs of power plant. Our well established product range works for you at practically every corner of the power plant, may it be the D M Plant, Deaerator, Feed Pump, Boiler Drum, Turbine, Condenser or even the Chimney! This product range is backed by years of proven experience and an established track record.

We can improve the working of your existing equipment or handle your refurbishment requirements. And all this at very high engineering standards, taking care of safety aspects and caring for the environment. Discover a big spectrum of products for the Power Industry, ranging from Steam Traps, Safety & Stop Valves, Control Valves, Transmitters, Controllers, Flowmeters and Analysers, to packages such as Steam & Water Analysis System (SWAS), Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating Station (PRDSH), Turbo Supervisory System (TSS) and so on...

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