With over two decades of service to the Iron and Steel industry, we provide instrumentation solutions to steel industry that range from secondary mini / midi steel plants to integrated steel manufacturing.

The wide application knowledge, backed by the product expertise has helped us in streamlining the entire system integration process, which has made us a preferred vendor to the industry.

Today, we have standard proven packages for AOD, LRF, OTB, EOF, VD, VOD/VAD, Concast and Coolant systems for Cold Reversing Mills, Pickling, Galvanizing lines etc. In addition to this, we have also developed specialised solutions for Oil Injection, Coal Tar Injection, Oxygen Enrichment and Blast Humidification to improve the economics of iron making.

Another important area that needs focus is compressed air. Compressed air is costlier than steam. We offer lots of services that include variety of products & services like compressed air audits.

We help the industry to become eco-friendly by variety of our pollution monitoring solutions for both Gas emissions & Industrial effluents.

In case you are generating your own power in the Captive Power Plant (CPP), we offer vibration monitoring systems, steam & water analysis systems, on line water quality analyzers, stop & safety valves for enhancing life of your power plant & maintaining it at higher efficiency levels.

Areas of Expertise: