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  • Forbes Marshall is a leader in the area of process efficiency and energy conservation for the process industry. We have sixty years of experience building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions with focused investments in manufacturing and research and development. We deliver quality solutions in more than 20 countries. Our business practices and processes have combined into a singular philosophy of being trusted partners who provide innovative solutions. It’s a philosophy we are proud to live up to.

    Forbes Marshall offers various steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions for various industries in UAE.

    Steam Engineering solutions in UAE:

    Steam packaged boilers:

    Forbes Marshall offers genuine 3 pass wet back packaged steam boilers in Malaysia. Forbes Marshall boilers, boiler house products and burners are known for their high standards of quality and economy engineering throughout the process industry. Our boilers are designed for small footprint therefore occupying less space. These boilers are highly efficient in terms of specific steam consumption, reduce the fuel bill & need very low maintenance.

    Oil and gas fired boilers:

    We offer three pass, wet back, fully packaged boilers, equipped with monobloc burners to deliver high combustion and thermal efficiencies. This range comprises of packaged boilers from 6 TPH to 25 TPH, designed to fire liquid and gaseous fuels, the most common being furnace oil and natural gas. These boiler are compatible to all leading imported burners.

    Solid fired & Coal boilers:

    Forbes Marshall Solid fuel boilers are designed to deliver a high efficiency up to 77% on solid fuels. Our solid fired Boilers have the highest efficiency in their range. Our boilers are designed for easy maintenance and inspection. Hinge-mounted front doors and rear lift-off doors give you clear and instant access. Every boiler is a complete packaged unit.

    Modular Boilers :

    The thought of a very compact boiler house is not just a refreshing prospect for utility managers worried about space and mobility in the utility room, but also a tool to cut down on the stretched budgets of industrial projects.

    The Modular Boiler (Patented Design) is the ideal choice due to the Compact layout, Attractive cost & Time taken for installation.

    Burners :

    Q Series of burners are the result of Forbes Marshall’s in house R&D and meet stringent demands of safety, reliability and flow maintenance cost. They are designed to fire liquid and gaseous fuels, the most common being furnace oil, light oil, natural gas and LPG. In heat throughput terms, the burners vary from 200 KW to 12000 KW.
    •    For 1-4.5 TPH capacities, the burners are monobloc construction, with mechanical compound regulation as a standard.
    •    For 5 – 9 TPH capacities, the burners are in monobloc construction with electronic compound regulation or mechanical compound regulation.
    •    For capacities up to 9 TPH, the combustion air fan is integral with the monobloc burner. For capacities from 10 TPH to 16 TPH, the burner construction is dual bloc with separate combustion air fan.

    Feed water tank system :

    The importance of the boiler feedwater tanks, where boiler feedwater and make-up water are stored and into which condensate is returned, is often underestimated. The feedwater tank is often looked to as a store house of water and not much attention is paid to its designing. But the reality is that feedwater system management is integral to smooth operations as well as ensuring energy efficiency.

    Deaerator :

    Fitted on your feedtank, Fobes Marshall Deaerator Head mixes cold make-up water, hot condensate, and flash steam in a single stainless steel (SS) head to get the most out of your captured heat. Cold make-up water atomizes in the mixing head releasing 90% of dissolved oxygen, a primary source of downstream corrosion. The single head design eliminates the need for cumbersome sparge pipes.

    Rotary Syphon :

    In high speed machines the condensate forms a rim along the inner dryer surface because of the centrifugal force. Rotary syphons are used for speeds above 250 mpm upto 650 mpm. Since condensate is rimming inside the dryer, use of this syphon removes it continuously. The syphon has a pick-up shoe on one side, which is designed for low inlet pressure drop and maximum flow. The spring and thrust pad on the other side ensures fixing of the syphon inside the drum. The syphon is designed for minimum blow through steam.

    Rotary Joint :

    A rotary joint is a device used to supply steam and remove condensate from a rotating dryer. The sealing effectiveness of a rotary joint is an indication of its efficiency.?To a large extent, a rotary joint is as good as its seal, :as the seals are subject to greater wear than any other part. Antimony impregnated carbon graphite seal is the best choice for such applications.

    Control Instrumentation Solutions in UAE:

    Flow Metering:

    Vortex Flow Meters for steam, water or gas flow measurement :

    We offer vortex flowmeter with integrated pressure (optional) and temperature compensation in 2-wire technology. It provides accurate measurement of operating, standard volumetric and mass flow of conductive and non-conductive liquids, gases and vapors even with fluctuating pressures and temperatures.

    Valves & Valve Stations :

    Control Valves modular in design :

    We offer a new generation control valve which is synonymous with quality, efficiency, weight and ease of maintenance. The ECOTROL Control Valve is a robust, compact and light weight with pneumatically operated easy field reversible multi - spring diaphragm actuator and a sturdy , pipe-less and vibration resistant mounted digital positioner.

    Three way valves :

    A Three way valve is a constant flow rate valve used for either Mixing or Diverting application. In these valves, the total flow rate remains constant. In applications where three way valves are employed, the liquid circuit will naturally split into two separate loops, Constant & Variable flow rate. It saves installation cost as the controller comes pre-assembled on the valve, Saves loop cost as it eliminates the need of separate sensor, transmitter, I/P controller and positioner, which results in reduction of maintenance cost.

    Desuperheater :

    The most practical way of reducing the superheat value of steam is by the direct addition of water. To achieve temperature stability of the conditioned steam and prevent thermal shock in downstream pipes, cooling water must be atomized. It is also necessary to have a correct mix of superheated steam and cooling water. We offer Desuperheater which does just that in a most reliable way.

    Gate valves :

    Gate Valves are primarily designed to start or stop flow, and when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum flow restriction is needed. In service, these valves generally are either fully open or fully closed condition. We offer gate valves that can be used for a wide range of liquids and provide a tight seal when closed. These gate valves provide good shutoff features, are bidirectional and hence can be used in two directions. The pressure loss through these valves is minimal.

    Globe Valves / Stop valves (Hand operated/Motor operated)

    These valves are offered with Single piece stem and plug assembly. There is no vibration of plug even when the globe valve is kept crack open. The non rootating single piece stem and plug design ensures that the plug does not rotate when it sits on the globe valve seats. This prevents damage to seat due to entrapped solid such as pipe scales or entrapped solid when the valve operator puts excess effort on handwheel to ensure tightness at seat. The non Rising Hand wheel is ideal for use in areas where space between pipes is limited. Roller Burnishing in Gland packing section gives a mirror finish to the spindle and helps reduce ware and tare of the gland packing. Effort required to operate the valve reduces due to reduced friction at the gland packing section. Control Cone feature helps to separate the seating area from the throttling of High pressure reduction area. As a result the harmful effects of cavitation and flashing do not affect the seating area of the valve enhancing the seat life.

    Swing Check Valves :

    Our non return valves are reliable for reverse flow prevention in Oil and Gas, Refinery, Power Sectors and protecting equipment & processes in general industries. These valves can be offered with flanged or buttwelded end, with tilting disc design, with renewable, seal welded seat ring or integral seal, with optional counter weight, lever and dashpot arrangement. These valves meet appropriate design requirements of ASME / BS / API / IBR and testing requirement of API / BS / API. We offer valves that meet relevant requirements of NACE also.

    Ball valves :

    A ball valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve that uses a ball-shaped disk to stop or start flow. If the valve is opened, the ball rotates to a point where the hole through the ball is in line with the valve body inlet and outlet. If the valve is closed, the ball is rotated so that the hole is perpendicular to the flow openings of the valve body and the flow is stopped. Our ball valves can ensure quick quarter turn on-off operation, tight sealing with low torque and are smaller in size than most other valves.

    Lift check valves (NRV) :

    Our Lift Check Valve incorporates the state of art technology in a simple and easy to operate/maintain design. This design is ideal for applications at pump outlet or where a reversal flow is not desired. These valves come with a forged Body with a separate Forged Cover which is bolted to the Body. Body seat is integral satellite hard faced by special purpose Automatic Welding process  and tested 100% for cracks, homogeneousness and binding. It's unique double guided disc ensures correct seating on valve seat.

    Angle Pattern Single Stage & Multi Stage Blowdown Valves :

    Our Angle Pattern Single Stage and Multi-stage Blowdown Valves come with Single piece stem and plug assembly. The stem is non-rotating type that helps in avoiding passing. The rising Stem - non rising hand wheel is useful in areas with space constraints. Roller burnishing of stem in gland packing section helps arrest gland leakages. The specially designed control cone mechanism is useful in high pressure reduction / throttling applications. Our single stage valve in angle pattern block body design with replaceable seat bush is available for  high pressure  drop application and handling high flow, while the multi stage valve in angle pattern block body design with replaceable seat bush feature is available for high pressure drop application and high flow.

    Safety Valves & Relief Valves :

    Our safety valves and relief valves offer full nozzle design in forged grade material. The inlet flange is integral to safety valve nozzle. The disc is guided by guide bush and guide piston arrangement. These valves are available in a wide range of material combinations. These valves are ideal for High Pressure and High Temperature services. Bellows construction is also available depending on the application. The safety relief valve design meets requirement of Indian Boiler Regulations. Valve Centre to Face dimensions are as per API 527 and overall design as per requirements of API Standards.

    Pressure Reducing & De-superheating System (PRDS) :

    Our PRDS offers pressure reduction and desuperheating in a single valve. Our PRDS is compact in design, gives immediate response to flow changes, ensures that there is no water hammer. There are no water carryover problems. The PRDS ensures efficient mixing of spray water. The PRDS reduces need for separate desuperheater, resulting in reduction in length of piping. It is available in various types like water entry from top to bottom as per water quantity and pressure available at site. As the water is injected at the 'Vena Contracta' point, which is the most turbulent zone, it causes complete atomization. We can offer high turndown ratio and improved rate of heat transfer.

    Pressure Reducing Stations (PRS) :

    We offer pressure reducing stations (PRS) with pressure control systems. High quality components are used in manufacturing these stations, which ensure reliability of the system. These are also engineered, designed and fabricated at Forbes Marshall and duly hydrotested before dispatch.

    Steam & Water Analysis System (SWAS):

    Sampling Systems :

    The first section of any Steam & Water Analysis System (SWAS) is the sample conditioning section or the wet panel. Here, the sample is first cooled in sample coolers, de-pressurized in pressure regulators and then fed to various analyzers, while keeping the flow characteristic constant by means of a back pressure regulating device. There are several safety equipment provided in wet panels, so that the operators feel safe while working with these systems.

    Analyzer Systems :

    Water is a major utility for all process plants. Major investment goes in purification of incoming water and waste water treatment. Actual measurement and monitoring of quality of water at different location is extremely important for process optimization.We design our water quality analyzer systems (WAS) to get desired results from water quality analyzers. Forbes Marshall can easily take care of water quality monitoring requirements in Recovered Condensate from process, Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Waste Water Treatment Plants (WTP) and Other Process Plants

    Sample Coolers :

    In a SWAS (Steam & Water Analysis System) package Sample Coolers are used to cool the sample to the required temperature conditions. It is one of the most critical components of a Sampling System. The design of these coolers needs to meet high level safety standards. We provide extra safety with our coolers such as built in shell relief valve. We are perhaps the only company providing this in-built feature, as we believe 'safety cannot be OPTIONAL'! These coolers are designed in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Div.1. For specific applications we can offer IBR / CRN approved sample coolers. For aggressive environments (high chloride content), we can offer Inconnel coils in our sample coolers.

    Pressure Regulators :

    An important aspect of sample conditioning lies in making suitable provisions to ensure that the analysers can never be subjected to a pressure higher than the safe limit. Our pressure regulator can maintain the down stream pressure at a constant set limit irrespective of up stream fluctuations and thus becomes an ideal choice.  On closing fully, the regulator ensures zero flow condition and withstands the total upstream pressure.  A built-in safety valve in this pressure regulator makes the unit full proof.  Simple pressure reducing devices are not adequate as regulation of pressure is equally important. For high pressure reduction and regulation, we offer piston type pressure regulators.

    Closed Loop sampling Systems :

    We provide the most customized solution for gas and liquid sampling. Samples in petroleum refineries, petrochemical complexes and chemical industry are either flammable or hazardous. Our closed loop sampling system provides a safe means to sample out these fluids. These sampling systems are designed to handle a wide range of fluids like high pressure gases, hot gases, hot flashing liquids, toxic fluids and light & medium distillates. These sampling systems are available in “flow through to vent” and “flow through to process plus vent” configuration. These configurations are customized for individual application and operating parameters.  


    Pressure Gauges :

    We offer variety of Pressure related products that include Pressure Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Compound Gauges, Capsule Gauges, Differential Pressure Gauges, IBR approved Gauges, Comparison Test Pumps etc. The pressure gauges include all varieties such as Bourdon type, gauges for Hydraulic applications, Lowe pressure - Capsule sensing type, Low pressure - Schaffer diaphragm type, with Triclover seal, Chemical sealed for remote mounting, Phenolic pressure gauges, Commercial pressure gauges, Differential pressure gauges, Solid front type, Master pressure gauges, Gauges with Electronic contacts to name a few of them… This comes handy when we provide instrumentation solutions for various projects, as we can provide complex instrumentation solutions with simple devices like these gauges too…

    Temperature Gauges :

    We offer variety of Temperature related products that include standard temperature gauges, Bimettalic temperature gauges, every angle type temperature gauges, gas filled types, Gas filled with capillary type or stem type, Temperature elements - RTD or Thermocouple,Thermowells to name a few of them… This comes handy when we provide instrumentation solutions for various projects, as we can provide complex instrumentation solutions with simple devices like these gauges too…

    Pressure Transmitters :

    We offer variety of Pressure transmitters that are compact in design, simple to install and provide good accuracy & stability. Our Flush Diaphragm type transmitters offer multi structures, material safety, are oil proof and offer high performance of stability & reliability.
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