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    For CII, we studied a large number of firms in textiles, paper, tyres, breweries, pharmaceuticals and hotels. The savings potential for steam ranges from 22% to 64% .  We subsequently conducted a second and third round. This extensive study resulted in the CII Encon Book. Click on the check box for your copy.
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    We have always been a knowledge driven company and believe in sharing our experience and knowledge with our customers. We do this through various publications including our recent studies on energy benchmarking. The Encon tips program is another initiative in this direction. These tips are emailed to our customers on a weekly basis and are a series of carefully selected, simple yet effective measures that lead to quantum savings. We have compiled the tips sent out last year in a reference booklet. For a free copy of the same, please click on the check box.
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    The Book is a compilation of steam, instrumentation, hydraulic and mechanical data tables, designed to help steam practitioners and designers solve problems associated with steam and condensate engineering. It serves as a ready reckoner both in the design office as well as on site. For a free copy, click on the check box here.
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    This  booklet talks about energy conservation in steam generation and contains some unique data and striking facts which are a result of our extensive energy audits of hundreds of steam-using plants across the country and overseas. Most fundamentally, we have found a big gap between what customers think the efficiency of their boilers is, and what it actually is. This big gap stems directly from some very basic things like condensate recovery factors, oversized boilers, etc. There is a good scope for improvement in the boiler efficiency itself. To read more and for a free copy of the book, click the check box.
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    A complete guide to Water Quality
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    A novel concept that is aimed at giving ideas in process instrumentation that are easy to work on, can be advantageous to the user and are aimed at benefiting society as well as Industry.